Which Car Hire? Budget Car or an 8 Seater Car Rental

Which Type of Car to Hire When on Holiday

Going on holiday is so much fun. However, the many choices you have when it comes to transport at your holiday destination can be confusing. The Gold Coast can be an amazing adventure on a scooter or a fricken nightmare in a little Hyundai Getz with a family of four. Don’t even get me started on melting on the shuttle bus, packed like a sardine making a round trip to Movie World in summer. Just kill me now, because for the love of god I ill never do that trip on a bus again with my kids!

One alternative I used recently when my extended family came to visit on the Gold Coast was a People Mover.  A friend gave me the idea. We would be a family of 7 when they arrived. We did have two cars, but the trip to somewhere can often be half the adventure. So we wanted to all be together so we could chat along the way. We booked a beauty budget Car hire from All Coast Car Rental down in Tweed.  Eight seats for all the family and plenty of room for our picnic gear, boogie boards and a couple surfboards.

People movers were all the rage for a while back in the early 2000s for soccer mum type families. While they have been somewhat replaced by 6 and 8 seater SUVs the faithful old people mover makes an awesome standard 4 doors rental car alternative.  The most popular models for hire on the coast seem to be the Toyota Tarago (Estima or Previa to New Zealanders) and the Kia Carnival. One thing I liked was my wife and family could easily drive it where if we had rented an SUV I think they would have felt intimidated. The Toyota Tarago we hired was late model, well presented and drove pretty much just like a car.  It was very economical on fuel and the air conditioning cooled the whole cabin comfortably even in the middle of the summer Gold Coast heat wave.

The rental car company dropped the vehicle off to us up in Surfers Paradise and offered to pick it back up. Though we elected to drop it back at their depo in Coolangatta, so we could take the family back to the Airport altogether.

Having the 8 seats really made a difference. The first day we loaded the Tarago up and headed to the beach, then the shopping mall for some retail therapy. Then went out to dinner. Everything fit hidden away in the boot.  I hate to think of the drama we would have had having to take to cars everywhere!

The second day we hit the water parks. Loaded the old 8 Seater car to roof with; lunch, towels, chilli bin, water toys and a change of clothes to go out in after we finished. The Tarago again was again the hero of the day.  I can’t say enough how much better my families stay was by hiring the bigger 8 seater car hire over a standard 4 door vehicle. So I suggest considering one on your next trip to the Goldie.

Which Car Hire? Budget Car or an 8 Seater Car Rental
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Which Car Hire? Budget Car or an 8 Seater Car Rental
what type of vehicle hire should you get when visiting the gold coast
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