Norfolk Village Dental – CORONA VIRUS COVID 19 UPDATE

To our valued patients, suppliers contacts and the community
The team here at Norfolk Village Dental are committed to ensuring the ongoing good dental health, emergency dental treatment and well being of our patients, our team and our local community.

As the Corona Virus pandemic continues we are implementing further precautionary measures which meet the guidelines of the Australian Dental Association. This means we will continue to carry out our stringent cross infection control measures and in addition to these we have implemented further environmental measures to ensure the safety of our patients and to “flatten the curve.”

All of our patients are screened prior to their appointment and again on the day to ensure they have no physical symptoms relating to Covid-19 and that they have not travelled overseas or been in contact with anyone who has travelled overseas or anyone who has the virus.

Patients will be assessed and procedures will be performed on a case by case basis to ensure the protection of our team, our patients and the community.

The link between good oral health and general health is well documented and we will strive to continue to offer treatment to our patients. We can carry our emergency dental procedures such as the management of dental abscesses, oral swelling, dental pain, infections at our clinic and our aim as health practitioners is to reduce ease the burden on our health care system to ensure our hospitals are used to treat sick patients.

Our regular telephone number and email will be operational and we will endeavour to assist you as much as is possible.

We hope to return to usual operation as soon as possible and we will take guidance from the Australian Dental association but we are committed to playing a part in “flattening the curve” and in doing so protecting our patients, dental team and the community.

We will keep patients up to date via social media and of course patients can contact the practice by telephone and email.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times and wish that you all stay safe and take care.