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The H2O Tank Doctor has over 40 years experience in this industry and offers a professional and innovative solution to your water tank cleaning, repairs or replacement filtration system problems.

The H2O Tank Doctor is the only QBCC registered tank professional with licence No. 62446.  We are fully insured and certified and offer warranties on all work.  That is why we were 2014 runner-up, Business Excellence Awards.

Many operators in the industry don’t have the understanding of Australian Standards (like AS3500) and regulations that relate to water supplies and storage.

The H2O Tank Doctor Water Tank Repairs

The H2O Tank Doctor has been helping householders and businesses since 1988, drawing on extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. We have a diverse range of specialist equipment (which we clean after each job to prevent cross-contamination) enabling us to produce the professional results your family deserves. Our staff are fully trained in all safety procedures including WPH & S and Australian water safety standards.  The H2O Tank Doctor’s knowledgeable and professional staff will provide solutions to your rainwater tank needs and we do not try to sell you unnecessary or costly products from an associated entity.

Water Tank Cleaning

The H2O Tank Doctor has multiple water tanking cleaning systems available.  We want to customize this service to suit your tank and your budget.  We do this by asking you a few relevant questions like “when was your tank cleaned last”.

The H2O Tank Doctor uses a minimal water loss cleaning system that can be used on concrete, poly or metal tanks. It allows us to vacuum the harmful sludge that collects on the bottom of your water tank-while still preserving most of the water inside your tank.

We want you to be able to safely drink this water so we treat this remaining water with a specialized sterilizing agent-if needed, but we do not use or recommend harmful chemicals being introduced into the tank water.

Water Tank Repairs

Rain water tanks are a necessity and can be costly if they need replacing. A new metal or poly tank has a starting price of between $2000-$6000 and a new concrete tank could be at least double that amount. A good quality liner insert may cost as much as $3000-$4500; and not many of us have that sort of cash available to replace a damaged tank.

Not all tanks are created equal and some may start leaking much earlier than expected-earth movement and vegetation invasion are just some reasons a water tank needs attention.

We have been doing water tank repairs for over 20 years and those repairs are still holding. Each tank is different so we offer a diverse range of options and systems to suit your needs and budget.

Water Filtration Systems

Ask yourself this simple question.

What is in your water ?

Don’t know or unsure then you should filter it, don’t compromise you and your family’s health.

We offer many custom water filtration systems, but more importantly, The H2o Tank Doctor will supply a product to suit your needs, requirements and budget.

Once fitted our systems unlike others can be serviced by yourself if you choose.

The most cost effective system we offer is ” all off house ” this means that all the taps be it hot or cold are then delivering filtered water.

Brushing your teeth # filtered
Showering # filtered
Washing vegetables # filtered
Drinking from inside or outside taps # filtered

So its clear like water should be, call us.